Why you should choose CoinCeller over other Bitcoin sender

Why you should choose CoinCeller over other Bitcoin sender

CoinCeller is the world’s first bitcoin sender designed to send out bitcoins quickly and easily to your customers. Many other bitcoin sending services require you to visit a local store or website in order to add a payment method, but with CoinCeller you can simply start sending bitcoins right away. In addition, it only requires one click and then you’re ready within minutes!

There’s other network who claimed to do the same (though not confirmed)

we have some like, SHERUBIT, COINFLASH, and many more, but on this article, you will understand why you’ll choose COINCELLER over all those

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As you’ll know COINCELLER is said to be the best bitcoin/ crypto flashing software, not just that, but the most trusted around the Globe ,

We’re trusted by millions of crypto users and have the trademark ,


why you should choose coinceller over other bitcoin sender:

1. It is the most reliable bitcoin sending software with active customer services

2. The smart contract can only be validated by the official approver

3. You will get lifetime activation code.

4. software generates hash key upon every transaction made

5. 100% refund policy, if the software didn’t meet your expectations

6. with just 300$, you can rule your world

7. easy to use application


With all these and many more, you can understand that COINCELLER are the best software to use when it comes to crypto flashing, and do not make any mistake by choosing the wrong one.

We have many impersonator claiming to be us, or to sell our activation code,

do no listen to anyone telling you that our activation code cost just a hundred dollars (100$)

You can’t get such amazing software so cheap.

WWW.COINCELLERPRO.COM is the only official developer of coinceller


do not make mistake.

We are proud to introduce our new Bitcoin Sending Application, a fake bitcoin sender that is compatible with all major Android devices. Instantly send any amount of BTC to anyone.


What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that was created in 2008 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. The first, and biggest, use for bitcoin was as a form of money, like dollars or euros. But over the years it has grown to become much more than that. It has gone from being something you could buy with dollars or euros, to having its own specific use: storing value and buying goods online.